WebEx Presentation: Aboriginal Community Land and Resource Management Geospatial Data Needs Assessment

10/28/2009 12:00 pm
10/28/2009 3:00 pm

GeoConnections is pleased to invite you to a web presentation concerning the Aboriginal Land and Resource Management Data Needs Assessment. The results of the data needs assessment will be presented via the web by Makivik Corporation.

GeoConnections is working to facilitate the use and exchange of location-based or "geospatial" data to help support land and resource management by Aboriginal organizations. GeoConnections contracted Makivik Corporation to assess the land and resource management data needs of Aboriginal communities, and to identify custodians and suppliers of the required data.

The data needs assessment included a review of ten Aboriginal community land and resource management plans. This review contributed toward the development of a preliminary list of key geospatial data sets that are critical for land and resource management by Aboriginal people. The list was validated and the data sets prioritized during workshops with Aboriginal community managers and land planners.

As a result of the data needs assessment, three documents were created:

  1. Aboriginal Community Land and Resource Management: Geospatial Data Needs Assessment and Data Identification and Analysis http://www.geoconnections.org/publications/Key_documents/Executive_Summary_E.pdf
  2. Volume 1 - Aboriginal Mapping and Information Needs: Experiences from Ten Land Use Planning Processes Across Canada http://www.geoconnections.org/publications/Key_documents/Volume1_E.pdf
  3. Volume 2 - Data Identification and Analysis http://www.geoconnections.org/publications/Key_documents/Volume2_E.pdf

We look forward to your participation in this web presentation. If you would like to participate or if you require more information, please contact Nora McNichol, nora.mcnichol@nrcan.gc.ca.

Please note: A separate email will follow with the Natural Resources Canada WebEx Meeting Center login information.

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A lovely AMN user has tracked down the documents and provided them to us. They can be found here now: http://nativemaps.org/node/3912