Indigenous Mapping Network at SFSU "Putting the Wintu Indian Tribe of California on the Map" by Anne McTavish 10/6

" Putting the
Wintu Indian Tribe of California on the Map" 

Anne McTavish

If you attended ESRIUC 09 and visited the Tribal GIS area, you may
have noticed an amazing map just around the corner called "Putting the
Wintu Indian Tribe of California on the Map" by Anne McTavish

Anne will be presenting her work in San Francisco, at SFSU on October
6th from 6-730p

is free:

Here is what she has to say:

"Various scholars, including ethnographers, linguists, and
archaeologists, have published maps and descriptions of the Indian tribes in California.  However, if the historic data are re-examined
using contemporary tools and data sets, there is still much to be
learned. Anne McTavish will compare a variety of maps related to the
Winnemem Wintu boundaries researched as part of her MA thesis at San
Francisco State University."

(she also used Kroeber's text. UCB has a building named after him.
quiz: why and why do native americans still wonder and write about
what he did?)

FLYER IMN at SFSU Mtg Tuesday October 6, 2009 6-730p

Flyer for printing:


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