Oak Bay Seniors Mitigation & Preparedness Project

Organization:   District of Oak Bay
Yes – 1 day/week
     The Oak Bay Emergency Program and the
Municipality of Oak Bay would like to develop its GIS capacity in order
to respond effectively to various hazards.

     Identifying who is most at risk during an
emergency and where these individuals reside will assist communities and
emergency management organizations to reduce risk and prioritize

     There are three main components to the

         Develop a number of
spatial layers relevant to emergency planning.  These include
structures such as schools, care facilities and community halls, basic
background layers such as terrain and transportation features, and
existing hazard information such as tsunami or earthquake amplification
         Using existing
socio-economic data (e.g., census), determine where high densities of
seniors and potentially vulnerable populations reside
         Assess the level of
preparedness of a total of 10 identified seniors facilities and
potentially high-risk sites.  This will involve integrating the
results of a survey and creating an attributed spatial layer for these 10
Depending on time and interest, the student could become a part of the
Outreach Team who goes to the senior’s facilities to engage management,
staff and residents.
The Seniors Mitigation & Preparedness Project- provincial grant
(1,500.00) and the Oak Bay Emergency Program (1,500.00) are able to offer
a student a combined paid and volunteer work experience for the winter
·        Using the combined funds to a
total of 3,000, the District of Oak Bay will offer a work term to a
qualified student as follows:
o       113.5 hours at 23.40/hour plus 13%
in lieu of benefits (26.44/hour)
o       3-month period between mid-
January–end April 2010
o       1 day/week in the Engineering
Department, Oak Bay Municipal Hall
o       Support from the GIS
·        The successful applicant will
work an equivalent number of hours (up to 111.5 hours) with the Oak Bay
Emergency Managers and the Project Team to met the objectives of the GIS
Project component as well as the overall GIS Program needs. This will
involve attendance at planning meetings, sourcing out information needed
to develop GIS shape files, and other activities relevant to developing
the deliverables.
The successful applicant must be:
·        Knowledgeable and have
experience in using ARC GIS 8.3
·        Able to access a computer to
download ARC Reader
·        Able to work independently
and work as part of a team
·        Willing to learn about
emergency management goals and priorities
·        Able to commit to a regular
daytime work schedule (Municipality)
·        Have access to their own
·        Able to work flexible hours
Interested applicants should send in their resume with a
covering letter to:
David Marshall B.Sc., A.Sc.T.
Director of Engineering Services
The Corporation of The District of Oak Bay
2167 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia, V8R 1G2
Tel: 250-598-2042
Fax: 250-598-9108
Cellular: 250-812-7114
email: dmarshall@oakbay.ca
For more information on the volunteer portion of the proposal,
please contact:
Sonja Ruthe MSW. RSW.
Community Emergency Preparedness & ESS Coordinator
250-514-5249 (cell)
250-592-5249 (home)
250-592-9121 (Fire Hall)
The Corporation of the District of Oak Bay