IMN/Google "Tribal Geo Tech Workshop" Applications being accepted

Dear Aboriginal Mapping Network enthusiasts,
Happy Holidays!

Please pass forward this unique opportunity for Google Earth/Google geo application training for indigenous peoples and those working with indigenous communities and mapping. The article below is posted on the Indigenous Mapping Network (IMN) website and a similar article can be found on the Google Lat/Long Blog:
Indigenous peoples face special challenges in planning, policy, and advocacy. Issues of sovereignty, cultural protection, land use management, and handling mineral rights often require the making of maps. Recognizing this, we're excited to announce that Google and Indigenous Mapping Network (IMN) have teamed up to host a FREE two-day workshop on the Google campus in Mountain View, California. The goal of the workshop is to inform people from and working with native communities on how to use, access, and benefit from Google mapping technologies.

The mission of Indigenous Mapping Network is to connect native communities with the tools needed to protect, preserve, and enhance our way of life within our aboriginal territories. This endeavor often requires an amalgamation of traditional "mapping" practices and modern
mapping technologies.

On February 25th and 26th, 2010, Google and IMN will host this FREE workshop at the Google campus for members and staff of indigenous groups that want to learn about Google geospatial and mobile technologies. Keeping the above concerns of indigenous communities
before us, the workshop will focus on the technical aspects of using Google Earth, Google Maps, and Open Data Kit, among other technologies. Special attention will be given to issues of:

   * privacy and security of data
   * mobile data collection
   * data conversion from proprietary to open formats
   * geospatial technologies and traditional knowledge

Rosemarie McKeon