"Working with Geospatial Data Using Open Source Tools" Mano Marks, Google 1/25

01/25/2010 2:00 pm
01/25/2010 5:00 pm

"Working with Geospatial Data Using Open Source Tools" Mano Marks, Google

Mapping Network invites you to attend a workshop tomorrow by Mano
Marks, Geo Developer Advocate with Google. He will be speaking at U.C.
Berkeley Monday, January 25, 2010,  from 2 - 5  pm in Rm 110 in South Hall.

The text below is an excerpt from UC Berkeley School of Information announcement:

are hundreds of millions of geospatial data files available on the web.
Many of these files are in a format that makes it hard to access the
data, or combine it with other data sets. This workshop will introduce
the basics of geospatial data formats, and using open source tools to
work directly with geospatial data. In particular, you will learn about
shapefiles, KML, GeoRSS, GeoJSON and other standard formats. And you
will learn about using the GDAL/OGR packages, GeoServer, and other
tools to work with the data. And finally, you'll learn about some
options for displaying the data on a map."

sends a special invite to all Indigenous Mapping Network members: "I
hope you'll be able to join me for this workshop. I think you all could
contribute a lot of knowledge and understanding."

On a personal note, Mano has been a critical member to the IMN/Google team who are developing the FREE Tribal Geo Tech Workshop,
to be held at Google in Mountain View, CA next month. He was born in
Mobridge, South Dakota while his family lived in Eagle Butte. Eagle
Butte is the heart of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe,
home to four of the seven Lakota Tiospaye (Great Teton Sioux Nation):
the “Titunwan” People of the Plains: The “Mnikoju” Planters By The
Water, the “Owohe Nupa” Two Kettle,  the “Itazipa Cola” Without Bows,
and the “Siha Sapa” Black Foot. Chief Touch the Clouds can be seen in
the background of the flyer, as he was a great leader and also an
Advocate for his people. Get ready to learn more about how to apply
Google geo technologies for Indian country in the near future!