Administrator, Indian Human Resource Center

The Indian Human Resource Center, Inc. (IHRC), is a non-profit, 501(C) (3) organization founded in 1979. Our mission is to promote, foster and develop self-sufficiency and self-determination within the Native American community; to address prejudice, discrimination and economic oppression; and to improve the quality of American American/Alaskan Native and Native Hawaiian community life.

IHRC is currently seeking candidates for an Administrator position located in San Diego, California. The position is responsible for direction, leadership, supervision, administration and management of the overall operations of the Indian Human Resource Center.

The Administrator is responsible for the overall administration, management and leadership of IHRC, in pursuit of the organization’s mission, goals, and objectives as established by the Board of Directors.

This includes:
Fiscal Accountability
Personnel Management
Resource Development
Operations Management
Fundraising and Public Relations
Working knowledge of compliance with applicable laws, regulations, funding requirement

This position reports directly to the Board of Directors.

Bachelor or Master’s Degree or five years related experience
Excellent writing, communication, management and leadership skills
Organizational financial management experience
Successful development/fundraising background
Non-Profit marketing/Public Relations background a plus
Ability to use Microsoft Office
Positive attitude, strong work ethics and compassion for urban and rural American Indians/Alaskan Natives and Native Hawaiians.

A more detailed job description of the Administrator position is available for those interested. Please send your letter of interest to IHRC Personnel Committee via

Thank you for your interest.