Van Carto Day


A full day for those keenly interested in the art and science of cartography. The workshop will bring together experts and practitioners for one awesome day of presentations about cartographic tips and tricks.

Confirmed presenters and topics include:

  • Karl Kliparchuk (BCIT) - Bad Map, Good Map. What’s the Difference?
  • Lara Hoshizaki (Coastal First Nations - Great Bear Initiative) - Coastal First Nations Regional Monitoring System
  • Ben Kerr (Foundry Spatial) - BC Water Tool
  • Sarah Bell (ESRI) - FlowMapping onto the HTML canvas using JavaScript OR Maps in Illustrator demo
  • Jon Corbett (UBC-O) - Designing real human usability into online web-mapping platforms
  • Steve DeRoy (Firelight Group) - Re-imagining the map: Indigenous use of technology to understand industrial resource development
  • Andrea Robertson (Hypsypops) - Beginner’s workflow: from data to map in D3
  • Jeff Clark (Clark Geomatics) - Designing a geographically expressive recreation map of Banff, Yoho & Kootenay National Parks
  • Ken Josephson (UVic) - Community mapping: maps from community-engaged, action and service-based learning
  • Morgan Hite (Hesperus Arts) - Making maps you're not ashamed to show others, using QGIS and Inkscape
  • Plus, highlights from the recent NACIS meeting in Montreal

More presenters to be confirmed!

A note about the price: we are striving for a revenue-neutral event. If we cover the room cost, we hope to provide some coffee and/or snacks!

We will probably find a place to enjoy delicious beverages afterwards :)

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