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AMN information questions

What follows was actually a discussion that took place via email with an AMN member. As you will see, I thought it may interest some members so I am posting it here. It would be wonderful to get your feedback as well - please post your comments, suggestions and ideas, or send me an email.
Hi Virva,
Greg and I were chatting today, and had some questions for you regarding the AMN. We'd like to develop two portions of website: the discussion forums and a list of other organizations.
The discussion forums are not well used currently, but we believe they could be a fantastic resource for members. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or feedback about the forums specifically. Are there any areas that are missing? How do you think they could be improved? Do you think that they would be more successful if they were regionally focused? For example, do you seen a need for a European one?
Also, we'd like to maintain a database of international umbrella groups representing aboriginal mappers on the AMN. Do you know of any groups that should be in this database? If you were looking for such organizations on the AMN, where would you look on the website?
Thanks very much in advance for your advice and feedback. I hope you're doing well. Best, Eliana.

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Tablet Digitizing with Calcomp 111 drawing board

I recently took a GIS ArcGIS 9.2 course at Okanagan College in Salmon Arm.  Unfortunately we didn't do any digitizing with a drawing board.  I would like to know if anyone out there knows of any courses that one can take to learn how to do that.

Larry Reid