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Some reserves not on the Government of Alberta website?

Larry contacted me because he needed a map of the Loon Lake, Loon Prairie and Swampy Lake Reserves in northern Alberta. Interestingly, these reserves don't appear on the Indian Reserves Maps on the Alberta Government's website ( However, they appeared in the Canada Lands Administrative Boundaries dataset (available on Geogratis: I'm curious - does anyone know why Alberta doesn't list them?

(Click the map to open a pdf)

map of Loon Lake, Loon Prairie, and Swampy Lake Reserves.


Nov 2 - Nov 8, 2008 Tweets from Indigenous Mapping Network

Here's a sampling of last week's news tweets.

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Rosemarie McKeon
Web Developer / Editor


Quantum GIS (QGIS): user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows    10:55 PM Nov 8th from web
Fish & Wildlife Service Special 42p Endangered Species Bulletin on Native Am efforts to protect preserve & restore 7:45 PM Nov 8th from web
NPS National Register of Historic Places Showcase Website for National American Indian Heritage Month 7:20 PM Nov 8th from web

US DOE Tribal Energy Program Review Nov 17-20 Denver, CO. New inclusive forum where tribes learn from each other.    3:09 PM Nov 8th from web

NEW USGS 3D So Cal earthquake animations planned for the Great Southern California will be shown & available Nov 12 9:27 PM Nov 7th from web
Penn State College of Education receives funds to offer American Indian & Alaska Native grad student fellowships to become school principals 3:06 PM Nov 7th from web
BOOK: Invisible Indians: Native Americans in Pennsylvania ISBN 9781604975116 Recovering history, culture minus fed recognition & reservation 2:58 PM Nov 7th from web
EXHIBIT: Exploring the Early Americas - Library of Congress. Indigenous culture / maps / artifacts / history 2:42 PM Nov 7th from web
HOWTO: Microsoft Live Search Maps service now integrates MS Photosynth panoramic viewer technology 2:11 PM Nov 7th from web
ABSTRACT DEADLINE: Nov 21 for 2009 ESRI Federal User Conference 1:25 PM Nov 7th from web
08 BIA Oil & Gas Mining Leases Sale: Kiowa Comanche Apache Fort Sill Caddo Delaware Wichita. Tribal /Allotted Land 12:57 PM Nov 7th from web
ABSTRACT DEADLINE: Nov. 13 Association of American Geographers 09 Conference / Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group 12:35 PM Nov 7th from web
State Homeland Security Program Tribal announces $1.7 million to build preparedness & response capabilities & plan 8:02 AM Nov 7th from web news: White Mountain Apache Tribe receives Dept of Justice grant to implement sex offender & registration tracking office 7:35 AM Nov 7th from web
Chronological review of US laws affecting American Indians and the status of homelands 7:57 PM Nov 6th from web
ScapeToad - cartogram software adapts map surfaces to user-defined variables w out altering topological relations 7:25 PM Nov 6th from web

Native Peoples Working Group of Wildlife Society hosts "Managing Tribal Natural Resources" @ annual conference    7:10 PM Nov 6th from web
CFP: Native Lands, Climate Change & Environmental Issues - 7:00 AM Nov 6th from web
CFP: Indigenous Peoples and Rural Geography / THE IMPACTS OF RURALNESS TO INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AAG, Due Nov 12 3:34 PM Nov 5th from web
CFP: Waterways & Byways 1600–1890 w Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife. Native early transportation networks? ... 3:29 PM Nov 5th from web
Check out Mark Newman's from Uni of Michigan's changing face of 2008 election maps, very cool. 3:15 PM Nov 5th from web
What business opportunities are in online video? Attend NewTeeVee Live & find out. IMN readers get $200 discount 3:06 PM Nov 5th from web
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians sent books, guides, maps, & video to Troops in Afghanistan in celebration of Native American Heritage Month 11:58 PM Nov 4th from web
BOOK “Where the Mashel Meets the Nisqually: The Mashel Massacre of 1856,” a 40-pg paperback w maps & photographs. ... 11:48 PM Nov 4th from web
EPA, Nat. Geographic Society & World Resources Inst. to map ecosystem. Tribal land use decision-makers may benefit 6:09 PM Nov 4th from web
Rhode Island sues Tribe / challenges 1934 act of Feds taking land into trust regardless of tribal recognition date 10:18 AM Nov 4th from web
Tribal GIS Professionals Basic Metadata Workshop: Coeur d'Alene tribe's data security policy & Native places names 1:19 AM Nov 4th from web
ABSTRACT "Engaging w Indigital Geographic Information Networks" Mark Palmer. explores issues w GIS & Indigenous 11:40 PM Nov 3rd from web
Muslim group appeals Philippine Supreme Court: says indigenous ancestral domain agreement superior 2 Constitution 11:09 PM Nov 3rd from web

Did you know the pronunciation of Aboriginal names commonly trip up GPS units in Australia?    10:44 PM Nov 3rd from web  

Nov 24-28 Roundtable on Climate Tribal Energy Development & Habitat Protection by iiirm 8:21 PM Nov 2nd from web
Did you know NOVEMBER is National American Indian Heritage Month?! Pres Bush signs proclamation October 30, 2008 7:23 PM Nov 2nd from web
1st Bihar digital map survey will reveal obscure inaccessible tribal villages & chart future land development 4:43 PM Nov 2nd from web
BOOK "Teaching Cartography on the Web w a Multimedia GIS: A New Solution" ISBN 9783540720287 Indigenous oral / visual learning alternative! 2:29 PM Nov 2nd from web
Aotearoa article IDs conservation NGOs as new colonial agents w activities threatening indigenous lands / people 9:16 AM Nov 2nd from web

October 19 - Nov 1, 2008 News items from Indigenous Mapping Network

Hello again, Here's a sampling of last 2 week's news items.

The micro blog can be followed at: or

read at

feel free to forward news for inclusion :)
Rosemarie McKeon
Web Developer / Editor


249 "tribal" search results on maps; live, downloadable & offline data; docs; applications, geographic services & activities about 18 hours ago from web

American Public Health Assoc Mtg - 19+ Native American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islanders presentations used GIS about 21 hours ago from web
Ancient aboriginal burial site recorded w hand-drawn map in 1904 & forgotten in developing Orillia, Canada 3:53 PM Nov 1st from web - an international initiative to create dynamic geological map data of the world and available by web for access by everyone.   6:45 PM Oct 31st from web
Mexican National Institute of Statistics and Geography Dataset of the Day: Indigenous Languages Spoken in Mexico 12:56 AM Oct 31st from web
SCAR stresses traditional knowledge & indigenous voice in managing Polar land, resources, fate in climate change 12:51 AM Oct 31st from web
Chris McKay awarded Youth Entrepreneur Award by Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund for GIS work w tribes / Aboriginal 12:29 AM Oct 31st from web
The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Use USGS Funds for LIDAR Dataset Processing of Umatilla River in Oregon 11:39 AM Oct 30th from web
BOOK: "New heritage : new media and cultural heritage" Kalay, Y. ISBN 0415773563 includes review of GIS based cultural information systems 11:05 PM Oct 29th from web
UMapper - universal web-based map authoring app. Create interactive flash maps, export to Flash ActionScript, KML 11:38 AM Oct 29th from web
NEW! A Tribal GIS Users Group 11:10 PM Oct 28th from web
Just posted Chris English from Bureau of Indian Affair: National Map Challenge 5:38 PM Oct 28th from web
Uploaded Leading Change 08, Oct 3 APA Indigenous Planning Division Meeting Ted Jojola Facilitator 11:49 AM Oct 28th from web
Tribes can receive free ESRI Image Server under DOI Enterprise License Agreement 10:25 AM Oct 28th from web "Mell's Tribal GIS Effort: Federal support reaffirmed" 9:55 AM Oct 28th from web
Obama's Play for Indian Country: expanding electoral map for Dems where Native voices are significant 5:07 PM Oct 27th from web
Village Earth's work w Oglala Lakota Tribe (Pine Ridge Reservation) develop "Strategic Land Planning Map Books" 12:38 PM Oct 27th from web
Indigenous rangers, marine scientists team up to map seabed - traditional Indigenous knowledge w latest technology 8:48 AM Oct 27th from web
Directions Mag Webinar Nov 13 1:30 EST Leveraging Location in a Lull: 4 Lessons to Grow Business & Deliver Results 8:39 AM Oct 27th from web
Live Access Server - highly configurable web server provides flexible access to geo-referenced scientific data 10:46 PM Oct 26th from web
sign the petition at by NOV 4 to get more high speed bandwidth in Indian Country. 8:51 AM Oct 26th from web

Day In the Life of a "Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act" Coordinator    4:59 PM Oct 25th from web features "Chiefly Leadership" indigenous planning keynote 12:22 PM Oct 24th from mobile web
Massachusetts Wampanoags sue for compensation & return of Mashpee land title 3:55 PM Oct 23rd from web
Recovery of Native Space in NE ISBN 9780816647842 NE Native networks use writing as tool to reclaim rights & land 3:49 PM Oct 23rd from web
New web site inc 100+ videos of Kodiak residents tracking Vaseline lotion across country by interactive map 3:58 AM Oct 23rd from web
Blackfeet Indian Res, BIA, Anschutz begin oil exploration near E Glacier Park - subsurface/surface ownership maps 3:48 AM Oct 23rd from web Flexible and high quality but low cost platform for aerial photography, monitoring, mapping and surveillance. 1:55 AM Oct 23rd from web
Indigenous Peoples' Center for Documentation, Research and Information now has rss feed 12:09 AM Oct 22nd from web 
09 NSDI CAP Open for Proposal Submission $1.3 mill available for geospatial projects. Tribal applications welcome! 10:57 PM Oct 21st from web
Where can I fish? Natural Resource Web site places 1000s of Ohio resources into a "sport" map-driven directory 8:28 AM Oct 21st from web
Book: Knowing Places: The Inuinnait, Landscapes, and the Environment By Béatrice Collignon, Linna Weber Müller-Wille ISBN 1896445330   2:10 AM Oct 21st from web  
"Exploiting Indigenous Geographic Understanding" by Paul W. Mapp is available from Melody Smith via email on individual basis 2:04 AM Oct 21st from web  
09 ESRI User Conference notice on requesting presentation topics relating to Indigenous Communities contact 2:02 AM Oct 21st from web
2008 Bioneers Conference included 42 Indigenous Knowledge presenters as well as the The Google Earth Outreach Team 1:43 AM Oct 21st from web  
ESRI extends the 2009 conference abstract deadline to November 14th. 11:38 PM Oct 19th from web
Noticed a warning on OpenStreetMap: Proposed features/Tribal land - please add some content or it will be removed. 3:10 PM Oct 19th from web

research guidelines & intellectual property rights

Dear colleagues,

I'm doing an informal survey to find out what current practices are
with respect to First Nations, Inuit and Metis research guidelines and
intellectual property rights. This is to assist me and some Norwegian
and Saami colleagues with their thinking about such matters. I would
greatly appreciate your time in answering the following questions:

1. Do the First Nations, Inuit and Metis groups with whom you work
have guidelines (ethics, etc.) with respect to the conduct of social
science research in their territories? If so what are they?

2. Do the First Nations, Inuit and Metis groups with whom you work
have policies with respect to intellectual property rights? If so
what are they? For example, do they assert ownership of Elder
narratives, myths, craft knowledge, etc.?

I can compile the responses and circulate them back to the respondents
anonymously if you wish. Of collective benefit perhaps...

Thanks for your help with this inquiry.

Best wishes,
Peter Armitage
St. John's, Newfoundland
A1C 5N8

*PS - I'm new to this forum. For those of you who don't know me, I'm trained as an anthropologist and I've been working with First Nations (primarily Labrador & Quebec Innu) for 26 years. Currently working with Labrador Innu as well as Cree and Anishinaabek in northern Ontario. I've done land use and occupancy mapping and many other things over the years.