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Province, Feds Make Treaty Offer

Published Date: 2009/2/10 15:30:00

[nwtribalgis] RE: ESRI Federal User Conference

Posted to the Northwest Tribal GIS listserve:

There is still an opportunity to have a screenshot of your GIS work displayed in Jack Dangermond’s plenary at the Federal User Conference.  They have established a new classification for Tribal GIS in Jack’s major talks and right now they only have one screenshot, we are hoping for at least four.  This is a great opportunity to promote Tribal GIS to a Federal audience.  If you can, please take a moment and grab a screenshot of your work and submit it via the website below. Thanks.



David Gadsden - NW Federal Account Manager

ESRI – Environmental Systems Research Institute

606 Columbia Street NW, Suite 300, Olympia WA

Phone: 360.754.4727 Fax: 360.943.6910

Email: Web:



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