Resources & Habitat

Here you will find methods related to mapping various resources and habitats.

Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network

Human activities on land and in the ocean are changing coastal and marine ecosystems and threatening their ability to provide important benefits to society, such as healthy and abundant seafood, clean beaches, and protection from storms and flooding. Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) is an innovative management approach to address these challenges.

BC Grasslands Mapping Project: Grasslands Mapping Methodology

The Grasslands Conservation Council of BC (GCC) is undergoing a detailed grasslands mapping process to arrive at a clear provincial picture of the abundance, distribution and status of BC's grasslands. The Project team has developed a methodology to accurately map the province's grasslands at the 1:20 000 scale.

BC Mountain Pine Beetle Impact Analysis: Processes, Problems and Our Solution

A project from students Line Christensen and Sze Chan for the UBC geography class Advanced Issues in GIS: Developing an Understanding.


BC Fisheries Inventory

Field Data Information System (FDIS) & Related Map Utilities

Utilities to assist in conducting fish and fish habitat inventory include data entry tools, semi-automated mapping programs and a quality assurance tool. Example products are also available.