Resources & Habitat

Here you will find methods related to mapping various resources and habitats.

BC Grasslands Mapping Project: Grasslands Mapping Methodology

The Grasslands Conservation Council of BC (GCC) is undergoing a detailed grasslands mapping process to arrive at a clear provincial picture of the abundance, distribution and status of BC's grasslands. The Project team has developed a methodology to accurately map the province's grasslands at the 1:20 000 scale.

BC Mountain Pine Beetle Impact Analysis: Processes, Problems and Our Solution

A project from students Line Christensen and Sze Chan for the UBC geography class Advanced Issues in GIS: Developing an Understanding.


BC Fisheries Inventory

Field Data Information System (FDIS) & Related Map Utilities

Utilities to assist in conducting fish and fish habitat inventory include data entry tools, semi-automated mapping programs and a quality assurance tool. Example products are also available.


Mapping the Clayoquot Sound Scientific Panel's Watershed-Based Recommendations

[Extract from Seeing the Ocean Through the Trees, by David Carruthers, Ecotrust Canada]

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