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Okanagan College - Geographical Information Systems Programs

Geographic Information Systems are increasingly being used in our daily lives to help us understand and manage both man made and natural processes.

The Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska to offer Intro to GIS I training course

The Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA) are happy to announce that they are now authorized by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) to instruct their Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Intro to ArcGIS I using their 9.2 version software.

The CCTHITA  have been instructing GIS classes locally for 3 years and work with the SE tribes
regularly with GIS.

Their new instructor, Randy Henry, is Native American from the Klamath Tribes of Oregon and is also a forester and works as a Natural Resource Specialist for the CCTHITA.

They will be able to travel to your locations to instruct on the usage of this valuable tool, provided that enough people will attend, or hold sessions in Juneau.

For more info on prices and times, contact Randy Henry at 907.463.7185  or email to

Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure On-line Training Course

This online course is designed to introduce you to the various components of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure, their functionality, and the standards and specifications necessary to implement them. The course is divided into modules, each of which corresponds to a different element of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure.

Getting Started

Before you begin using this Guide, please review the following checklist and make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements.

Minimum System Requirements

To use the CGDI online training, you will need, at minimum:

  • 150MHz or faster CPU
  • Windows 95/98/NT4/Me/2000/XP
  • 64MB RAM
  • 56K Internet connection
  • Macromedia Flash 6 player
  • 1024 x 768 pixel, SVGA display (16-bit colour)

More RAM, and/or a faster Internet connection will, of course, improve performance.


Using the CGDI

Standards-Based Web Development

Describing Geospatial Resources

Publishing Geospatial Data

Visualizing Geospatial Data

Accessing Geospatial Data

Using Gazetteers

The CGDI in Action



Center for Geographic Sciences (Nova Scotia Community College)

The following programs are offered in the Geomatics department :