Mapping Programs

Here you will find information about instruction in mapping.

Geomatics Resource Database

The Association of Canadian Community Colleges hosts the Geomatics Resource Database. Its purpose is to support the competitiveness of Canada’s growing geomatics sector. The aim of this database is to list all educational opportunities available to prospective students and professionals in the field of geomatics. This database is made possible in partnership with the GeoConnections initiative of Natural Resources Canada, through its GeoSkills program.

British Columbia Institute of Technology GIS Program

The advanced diploma program in Geographic Information Systems is designed for students with a background in a relevant discipline or technology. The program is available in a full-time, nine-month program format, through Part-time Studies, or a combination of these. BCIT also offers individual courses that can be done on a part-time basis.

Cree-Tech Inc.

Located on the Fox Lake Indian Reserve, Chapleau, in Northern Ontario, Canada, CREE-TECH INC. offers GIS setup and training in Arc/Info and ArcView.

Northwest Environmental Training Center

NWETC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) program of the Northwest Environmental Education Council (NWEEC) developed to improve the quality of environmental services in the Pacific Northwest by providing technical events and training for environmental professionals.

NWETC programs are offered in partnership with government agencies, academia, and environmental businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest.