Other Provincial & Territorial Government Agencies

Here you will find a listing of various data sets from across Canada that are focused on specific regions.

Land Information Ontario

LIO can help you find, access and share geographic data about Ontario:

Geography Network Canada - Arc IMS Provincial Data


The Geography Network Canada is an on-line resource for finding and sharing Canadian geographic content, including maps and data from many of our country's leading providers.

Geogaphy Network Canada data services are published using either the ArcXML protocol employed by ESRI's ArcIMS software or the Web Map Server (WMS) protocol published by the Open GIS Consortium (OGC).

Click on the link above to view data from Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Ontario. Geogaphy Network Canada data can be downloaded using ArcIMS Data Download Extension (DDE).


New Brunswick Government

From the Government of New Brunswick:

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