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Native Customary Rights and GIS

Hi guys,

I'm a surveyor from Dublin, Ireland and I'm in the process of getting my Canadian work visa together. I've narrowed my choices to Alberta, BC or Ontario  I've wanted to work in the field of native customary rights ever since seeing it in operation in Borneo while i was staying with an Iban tribe there. My background is in surveying and mapping in which i have a diploma and i have additional qualifications in mine surveying (degree), remote sensing (masters) and am currently finishing up my PhD in this history of surveying in Dublin. For the past five years I have worked as a GIS manager in the waste management and environmental industries.

Would anyone have any tips or suggestions about how to get involved in the industry?
Many thanks

Hello, Everyone

Hello, everybody,

My name is Louis Liu. I just graduated from SFU in GIS major. I used to be an industrial/mechanical engineer and an AutoCAD draftsperson. I like mapping, so I transfered to GIS and I am eager to work in GIS field. I hope my AutoCAD work experience will help me work better for GIS.

I am very happy for finding such a good place,  hope to meet new firends here. Thank you.

Best regards,



New User Introduction

Hi Everyone,

I have have looked over the AMN website for some time and decided to sign up. I operate my own photogrammetric mapping company in Duncan, BC and have been doing so since 2002 after working for other companies for many years. GIS most often deals with manipulating base map and thematic data that has been compiled, I deal with the actual compilation of the original map data from aerial photography using softcopy mapping systems.

If I can be of any assistance to anyone here having questions about aerial photography and it's use in mapping I'm glad to help.


Hello from Quick, BC

Hi all. Name's Russell Collier. I used to work here, a lifetime ago, and am still doing mapping and land use planning. I'm curious how many here are still active?



Russell Collier