Letters from AMN members.

US DOE Tribal Energy Program: Jan 09 Funding Opportunities and Training List

DOE Tribal Energy Program: Jan 09 Funding Opportunities and Training List

includes 40 items! The list features multi-state, multi-country and a few GIS, community planning and technology funding opportunities.

Stewardship Projects Throughout Canada

Hi, I'm Peter, just started working as an independent consultant, and I'm looking to get involved in projects that promote stewardship, and generally make Canada a better place.  Some things I'm looking at right now include finding ways to create financial incentives for creation and preservation of Coho habitat, macro-planning for a new Aboriginal-inspired church in the Pemberton area, developing more co-operative housing, traditional mapping in Northern areas...etc.  Canadian society is changing rapidly and there are amazing opportunities opening for Aboriginal peoples and communities.

My qualifications include BA in Geography, MA in Planning, 4 years in Arctic government in mid-management level positions, loads of volunteer work of many types (planning to patrolling).

Innu Nation launches new place names website

Natuashish (Friday, November 21, 2008). Labrador Innu made history today by putting on line the first comprehensive cultural website dedicated entirely to Aboriginal place names. Called Pepamuteiati nitassinat ('As We Walk Across Our Land'), the website gives access to over 500 Innu place names in Labrador, as well as stories, photos, and video clips associated with the names.

First Nation Watershed Plans?

Hello AMN!

My name is Steven DeRoy and I work at the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER - in Winnipeg. I'm trying to identify First Nations (in Canada and the U.S.) that have been involved in Watershed Planning. Any help would be of great assistance.

Thanks in advance,