Letters from AMN members.

Hello from Temiscaming Qc

As a new member of the Forum, I want to congratulate you all for the high relevance of this site! I will make sure to recommend it wherever and whenever I can!

Monica Do Coutto Monni

Temiscaming Qc

Hello From B.C.

Hi Everyone,


I'm an Environmental Sciences student at Douglas College in British Columbia. I'll be spending a lot of my time trying to analyze maps with the school work I'm doing and the field I'm hoping to go in, but I'll admit right now, I'm terrible at decyphering maps! I came across this site doing some research for one of my projects, I thought it was interesting and could provide me with some valuable information so I decided to join up.

- Ashley

Introductory Hello from Berkeley California!

 Hello everyone! Look forward to meeting you. Please introduce yourself.

Like many of you, I've been fascinated by maps since childhood, thanks to the National Geographic Magazine. Along life's edu road, one that led me to an Australian rain forest as a documentary photographer and Ngaalu (Dreamtime) country, an Aboriginal elder helped me hear the voices of my Mescalero Apache and Mestizo (Indigenous Nicaraguan) ancestors. 

Graduate school in Computing in the Arts (i'm an artist) was all about GIS as an art medium and Indigenous issues as a predominant theme. Since then, I've been active at URISA, EdUC and ESRI, CAA and Siggraph conferences, even judged a few maps. I've also been webmaster of several sites, including the Society of Conservation GIS, and was a GIS Coordinator for a tribal college on the Rosebud Reservation.

I've been on the board of Indigenous Mapping Network (IMN),, for several years but still don't know the origins of the organization's name. However, most of the IMN folks are in the US and Indian country... AMN is a good inspiration.

We are interested in everything about maps, GIS, Indigenous issues of protecting, preserving, and managing our homelands and water. Passing these skills to one another and our children rates up there too. Sound familiar?

I recently stepped into redeveloping the site and would love to hear your critique and how best to support and link arms with you and your work. We are your younger brother, lean and looking up to you.

If you have a story or event you want to share about mapping and Aboriginal, Indigenous, Native,First Nations issues.Feel free to create an account, and add to your network.             

Clean air, good earth, loving family and .. powerful maps,


Bula from Fiji

Bula, I am Nasi Racaca and working as a GIS Specialist.  I working on setting up Land Management and Resource Units for indigenous land owners here in Fiji.