Crown Lands Referrals Project

MAY 2012 Update: We have transferred the toolbox to one pdf document, available for download below.


The purpose of this site is to provide some useful information to First Nations land and resource practitioners in managing and responding to Land Referrals. This consultation toolbox takes a practical approach and presents a series of tools intended to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of dealing with referrals.

We are grateful to the Law Foundation of British Columbia for funding the review and update of the Toolbox. The Toolbox includes:

How to Use the Toolbox (PDF: click here)

Response Letter Guide (PDF: click here)

The Legal Basis for Consultation (PDF: click here)

Consultation Policy (PDF: Provincial and Federal; PDF: First Nations examples )

Accommodation (PDF: click here)

case study Case Studies of how some First Nations manage Land Referrals (available online)

Useful Contacts (available online)

Review of Tracking Software (note: the reviews have been removed, as they are now a decade old)

Who we are


If you have any questions, comments or other materials you think we should include, please contact either:

Sliammon First Nation - Homepage
Sliammon First Nation:
Phone: (604) 483-9646


Ecotrust Canada
Aboriginal Mapping Network
(c/o Ecotrust Canada):

Phone: (604) 682-4141

Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice. Readers should not act on information in the website without first seeking specific legal advice on the particular matters which are of concern to them.

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