Dynamic Maps

These websites offer interactive maps that display various kinds of data.

Victorian Rainforest Network

A 3D Virtual Reality Perspective

Community Information Database

Site: http://cid-bdc.ca/

The Community Information Database (CID) is intended to provide communities and governments with consistent, reliable and accessible information on economic and demographic factors at the community level. The data is sourced mainly from Statistics Canada’s Censuses of Population in 1996 and 2001.



Site: http://www.geoclip.fr/an/

Géoclip is an application developed using Macromedia Flash. Over the last several years, this format has been pioneering and leading the market for vectorial format publishing on the Internet. Thanks to its ease of connection to any database, it is particularly adapted to interactive cartography. No need to install an enormous plug-in, no need to change browsers: the Flash player supports all configurations, is free and lightweight. What's more, chances are it is already installed on your computer.

Géoclip uses a variety of Flash features, which allow for high levels of interactivity and a smooth, fast and intuitive interface. Whether by clicking on the map or by using the many buttons available on the tool palette, the user can use various interactive features:

  • choosing the area to be mapped,
  • zooming and moving,
  • viewing additional information,
  • selecting geographic areas,
  • plotting the statistical distribution for intuitive threshold adjustments,
  • setting cartography parameters (selecting variables, colours, thresholds, and so on),
  • setting printing parameters...

The Green Map System

Green Map System is a global eco-cultural movement, energized by local knowledge, action and responsibility.

Green Maps are locally created maps that chart the natural and cultural environment. Using adaptable tools and a shared visual language of Green Map Icons to highlight green living resources, Green Maps cultivate citizen participation and community sustainability in hundreds of places around the world.