Aboriginal Maps - Other

Maps in this category are general overview maps of First Nations people, including historical maps, map collections, and government maps.

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The Atlas of Yellowstone: American Indians Place Names in Yellowstone

The lovely Atlas of Yellowstone has a gallery of some of their maps, including a map of indigenous place names in the park. See the whole gallery here: http://atlasofyellowstone.com/slideshow/index.html

Brian Thom's maps

While updating some links today, I came across Brian's maps, which you can view here: http://web.uvic.ca/~bthom1/maps.html. As he notes, "these maps present ethnographic and/or archaeologic information related to Coast Salish peoples."  

Alaska's indigenous languages map gets updated, for first time in 30 years

Ben Anderson

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada have an interactive map website: 


or vistit the MapRoom