Aboriginal Maps

Here you will find websites of individual Tribes, Nations, and Bands with maps of traditional territory. You will also find placename maps here.

Please contact us at info@nativemaps.org if you would like to add a link. Alternatively, if you are logged in you may upload a map to the Member's Maps section.

Official and Traditional Community Names of Nunavut and NWT

Here is a Indian and North Affairs Canada map titled "Official and Traditional Community Names of Nunavut and NWT".

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Lil'wat Nation

The Lil'wat Nation have a couple of beautiful maps displaying their traditional territory:



First Nations of Canada and North America (Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs)

*Updated* The AMC redid their website, which broke the links for a while. The links have now been restored.

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs provides maps of Canada, Manitoba, North America, etc. Please contact the AMC if you intend to use these maps.

Tsuu T'ina, AB


You can fine the traditional territory of the Tsuu T'ina Nation on this website: