Aboriginal Maps

Here you will find websites of individual Tribes, Nations, and Bands with maps of traditional territory. You will also find placename maps here.

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Nisga'a Names, Nisga'a Lands

The Nisga'a Lisims Government provides links to Maps & Land Use Plan


The Secwepemc Area Map

The Secwepemc are comprised of 17 bands, dispersed over approximately 18% of the total area of British Columbia, in the south-central interior. The Secwepemc, in terms of traditional land base and population, are one of the largest First Nations groups in BC. The traditional lands occupy 105,000 sq. km. The total population is 8,475 of which 4,221 live on reserve.

Gwich'in Place Names

Since 1992, the Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute (GSCI) has been working with Gwich'in elders to build an inventory of heritage sites within the Gwich'in Settlement Region (GSR) through a traditional land use study using oral history and ethno-archaeological research.


The In-SHUCK-ch Nation have a map available on their website with the traditional territory and the Statement of Intent (SOI) area: