A list of Papers and Journal Articles related to Aboriginal Mapping. Please contact us if you know of, or would like to submit, a paper.

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A Challenge to Conservationists

WorldWatch Institute article released - A Challenge to Conservationists by Mac Chapin

The article argues as corporate and government money for the three "big" international organizations that influence the world’s conservation agenda has increased, their programs have been marked by growing conflicts of interest — and neglect of the indigenous peoples whose land they are in business to protect. Note the editor's comment in encouraging repsonses from all sides in this discussion.

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Enhancing Tribal Integrated Resource Management Plans by Integrating Traditional Knowledge with GIS Technology

Bryan A. Marozas
GIS Coordinator, Bureau of Indian Affairs

In the past, the tribal decision making process relied upon a valuable set of cultural and ecological knowledge to make resource management decisions. More recently, some American Indian tribes have begun developing Integrated Resource Management Plans in an attempt to make informed resource management decisions. The premise of this paper is that it would be important to incorporate traditional cultural and ecological knowledge into the Integrated Resource Management Planning process. Due to the spatial nature of traditional cultural and ecological knowledge, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology can facilitate the inclusion of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the tribal decision making process.

For more information, please contact:

Bryan A. Marozas
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Albuquerque Area Office
Branch of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 26567
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87125-6567
(505) 766-3334

Indigenous peoples and the use of intellectual property rights in Canada

Case studies relating to intellectual property rights
Submitted to:
Intellectual Property Policy Directorate
Corporate Governance Branch
Industry Canada
and to the:
Canadian Working Group on Art. 8(j) of the Biodiversity Convention
International and Environmental Law and Policy
Ottawa, Ontario
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Maintaining Cultural and Ecological Diversity on the Central Coast: Co-Management Options

First Nations Cooperative Management of Protected Areas in British Columbia: Tools and Foundation
by Julia Gardner
Dovetail Consulting,
April 2001
Occasional Paper Series, Issue 25:02 December 1999