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GeoWeb 2008 Conference - Infrastructure: Local to Global

07/21/2008 8:00 am
07/25/2008 8:00 pm

The term "GeoWeb" or Geospatial Web refers to the ability to locally/globally integrate and share geospatial information via the Internet.  

The GeoWeb 2008 conference reflects the breadth, evolution and growing maturity of the GeoWeb and is one of the only conferences focusing exclusively on the convergence of GIS and the Internet, and the economic potential associated with the convergence of XML, web services and GIS.  This exciting annual conference will take place in Vancouver, Canada from July 21-25th, 2008 at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue. The GeoWeb 2008 conference welcomes both public and private organizations to meet, discuss and learn about today’s most innovative geospatial technologies.

GeoWeb 2008 reflects a growing awareness of the need to interpret geospatial information in the broadest possible terms, especially in the context of the built environment, where information sharing and collaboration is key to the increased productivity, efficiency and vastly improved decision making.  We hi-light this in GeoWeb 2008 with the theme on CAD/BIM/GIS Integration as we build toward GeoWeb 2009 Cityscapes.

The theme for the 2008 conference is “Infrastructure:  Local to Global”, which implies the GeoWeb has a local community dimension as well as a global dimension.  The integration of global aggregators will drive the creation of local infrastructures and will give rise to a global infrastructure.  Additional points of discussion will include:

  • Global Aggregators and Data Communities
  • GeoWeb in Security and Defense
  • Real Time Emergency Response and Environmental Security
  • Neo-Geo, User Generated Data and the GI Professional
  • CAD-BIM-GIS-Games Integration – 3D Cityscapes (Worlds Real and Virtual)
  • Infrastructure for Information – Building Alongside Physical Infrastructure
  • Municipal SDI in the GeoWeb
  • Imaging, Coverages and Information Infrastructures


National Aboriginal Day Celebrations in Victoria: 21 June

06/21/2008 1:30 pm
06/21/2008 7:00 pm

Ry Moran along with Ron Rice, President of the Victoria Native Friendship Center and
Shannon MacGillvary of MacGillvary and Associates are very pleased to announce a
wonderful and community minded National Aboriginal Day Celebration at Ship Point on
Saturday, June 21st.

The inclusive event will feature a number of prominent musicians and artists. Recent
Juno award nominee and Canadian Folk Music Award winner Sandy Scofield will
perform as will other top aboriginal talent such Niska, the LeLeLa Dancers, Auntie Kate
and Manik 1Derful. Well-known roots musician Art Napoleon will MC and perform at
the event. An artists market will also take place.

"Our goal is to create a great space where people can experience and enjoy some of the
top aboriginal talent on Vancouver Island and in British Columbia. Everyone is very
welcome to attend this free event" says Ry, also a noted aboriginal musician.

The artists market will commence at 1pm on the 21st with entertainment and cultural
presentations commencing at 1:30pm. The event will wrap up at 7pm.

Spectators are encouraged to arrive early to get a good seat!


First Nations and the Environment Workshop

06/18/2008 7:00 am
06/19/2008 7:00 pm

Center for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) Presents -
First Nations and the Environment Workshop

This 2-day workshop introduces participants to First Nations' environmental issues, First Nations' relationships with the environment and various aspects of Indigenous Knowledge.

Methods to increase and apply awareness of First Nations' environmental issues in a professional setting will be explored. Case study examples will be discussed. Methods for instruction and exploration include presentations, discussions, large and small group work and a field trip to a First Nation community. An Elder will join the teaching team during the field trip.

At the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Have a basic understanding of First Nation environmental issues in Canada
  • Have a basic understanding of various elements of Indigenous Knowledge
  • Have experienced learning about First Nation environmental issues in a First Nation community
  • Be familiar with ways in which an awareness of First Nation environmental issues can be applied professionally

Contact CIER or by phone 204-956-0660

Registration and additional information can be found below.



Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP): Getting Started Workshop

06/17/2008 7:00 am
06/18/2008 7:00 pm

Center for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) Presents -
Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP): Getting Started Workshop

June 17-18, 2008

Comprehensive community planning is a community-based planning process that provides First Nations with an opportunity to set a path for the future of their community. It is holistic and integrated. It involves working with the leadership, administration, and the people to create a long-term vision, identify environmental, economic, social and cultural strengths, needs, and priorities and to plan the path to sustainability and achieving the vision.

This 2-day workshop introduces participants to comprehensive community planning (i.e. it is more than doing a site plan for your building!) including how to get started, and interesting and creative ways to involve youth, Elders, and community members in the process.

Contact CIER at or by phone 204-956-0660

Registration forms and further information can be found below.