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Community to Community Program


Community Assistance Program (CAP) Plus

Are you a member of a community organization that gets smart growth?

 Is your community experiencing vigorous development pressures? Affordable housing issues? Threats to farmland? Traffic congestion?

 Do you want to see smart growth projects implemented in your community?

 Smart Growth BC invites community groups from around BC to apply for our Community Assistance Program (CAP) Plus!

 CAP Plus will build on the success of our CAP program. Two communities will be selected this fall to work with our CAP coordinator to engage in more in-depth smart growth planning and implementation over the next year. The selected communities will be geographically representative of BC.

Selection of these CAP Plus focus areas will be based on the presence of community organizations that meet the following criteria:

already attended or participated in a CAP presentation or workshop
have the capacity and leadership potential to carry out a longer term smart growth strategy
have good relationships with the local government


the community or region must be undergoing a review of or considering creating an Official Community Plan (OCP), neighbourhood plan, Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) or similar process
there must be potential for the incorporation of smart growth planning into the community’s planning process
there is the potential for additional funds to be raised and committed

CAP Plus will provide strategic advice, assistance and resources to those organizations wishing to take their knowledge and understanding of smart growth and apply it in a new vision or plan for their community.

 Ultimately, the results of CAP Plus will be a set of recommendations or plan that will be adopted by the local government board or council as part of its legal documents. An integral aspect of this process will be the building of strong ties and relationships between the community organizations and the local and regional governments. Smart Growth BC will facilitate these relationships throughout the planning processes.


If you are interested in applying to be a CAP Plus community, please mail (see address at bottom of message) or send an email to Laura Princic ( and include:

Your name and contact information
The name of your community organization
The name of your community
A brief outline (300 words or less) of the challenges facing your community, why it would make a good CAP Plus project and a summary of the resources your community group can bring to the project. Please clearly address the criteria mentioned above.

For further details, please see attachment. Please call Laura at 604-915-5234 if you have any questions.


Thank you!


Laura Princic

CAP Coordinator


(604) 915-5234

314 – 402 West Pender Street

Vancouver BC  V6B 1T6


BC Healthy Communities (BCHC) Seed Grant Program

The grants program is one expression of BCHC's commitment to building on the strengths and knowledge that already exist in communities, while supporting new opportunities to put the healthy communities approach into action.

The grants program has two primary goals:

1. To build community knowledge of the healthy communities approach; and
2. To enhance community capacity to implement a healthy communities approach.

Groups may apply for a maximum $2,500.00 to support activities and processes that improve community health and well-being, and promote optimum human development.

Program background and guidelines, as well as the application form, are available on the BC Healthy Communities website under What's New ( Groups that are considering applying for a grant are urged to first contact the BCHC Regional Facilitator for their area to discuss their ideas.  Facilitators may be reached by calling toll free 1-888-356-0892.

INAC Comprehensive Community Planning Funding

A document from the May 30-31 2006 "How to" Comprehensive Community Planning workshop entitled: "How to access funds for planning & implementation".