Environmental Projects

Funding opportunities to support environmental projects.

Friends of the Environment Foundation

Since it began in 1990, the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation has proudly supported the efforts of Canadians who are dedicated to the well-being of our environment. Members can contribute to the fund, as well as become a member of the local Advisory Board and help recommend which projects are supported through the local Chapter. TD contributes $1million per year to the fund.

Funding Focus Areas:

  • Protects and preserves the Canadian Environment
  • Assists young Canadians in understanding and participating in Environmental activities in local communities
  • Enhances cooperation among Environmental organizations

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Organizations must be Canadian, using the funds in Canada.
  • Organizations must be not-for-profit, with a Charitable Registration Number.
  • Organizations must be able to provide a charitable tax-receipt for the full amount of donation.

Each fund requires an application to be filled out detailing the nature of the project, and the organization or individual who is applying. Application forms are submitted on-line.


Mountain Equipment Co-op Grant Programs

MEC's grant programs are designed to help not-for-profit groups and organizations:

  • Conserve our rapidly diminishing wild spaces.
  • Educate Canadians about areas of significant ecological or outdoor recreational value.
  • Inspire Canadians to become active participants in responsible, self-propelled outdoor activity.

MEC offers grants in the following categories:

Land Acquisition:Conserve ecologically and/or recreationally significant resources.
Capacity Building: Strengthen conservation organizations.
Research: Support wilderness conservation and sustainable recreational land use.
Advocacy and Education: Support the protection of ecologically significant cores and corridors.
Access: Inspire participation, facilitate public access, promote responsible use of outdoor areas.
Urban Sustainability: Support local environmental groups in each MEC store community.
Grassroots Product Donations: Enable conservation/access groups to raise funds or reward volunteers.

Application Deadlines are twice a year, on March 10 and September 10. Factors that can contribute positively are a high level of volunteer content and a low proportion of overhead expenses to overall budget.

Contact: Community Involvement Coordinator
Mountain Equipment Co-op
149 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 4A6

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