Wage Subsidy & Internships

Information on funding for wage subsidy and internships.

Summer Work Experience

Summer Work Experience creates summer jobs for secondary and post-secondary students.

Environmental Youth Corp

The Environmental Youth Corp. (EYC) is designed to create a six to twelve month window-of-opportunity for post-secondary graduates under the age of 30. These individuals are either unemployed or underemployed and are seeking to gain experience in either a national or international environmental project.

Youth Employment Strategy

Urban and off-reserve Aboriginal youth are targeted by such programs under Youth Service Canada and Youth Internship Canada, up to an amount of $11.1 million Youth Employment Strategy.

Skills Link

Skills Link funds community organizations that assist youth facing barriers to employment. Community advisors work closely with youth to help them decide the kind of job they want and the skills they need to get it. Together, they develop an action plan, tailored to assist the young person in meeting his or her employment needs and career goals.