BC Government Agencies

In this section you will find a listing of data resources from British Columbia Government Agencies.

BC Oil and Gas Commission

The purposes of the OGC, outlined in Section 3 of the Oil and Gas Commission Act, are briefly summarized as follows:

Integrated Land and Resource Registry (ILRR)

The ILRR provides a single source of reliable information on 250 different legal interests on Crown land (tenures, regulated uses, land and resource use restrictions, and reservations) that is visually represented on a map and is available to the public using a standard web browser.

Coastal Resource Information Management System

The British Columbia Coastal Resource Information System is an internet based interactive map for viewing coastal and marine data. A wide variety of coast and marine resources are included, such as aquaculture, shoreline classification, selected fisheries information, and offshore oil and gas information.

GeoBC - BC's Geographic Gateway

GeoBC provides a window to data and information sources provided by various ministries and agencies from the Natural Resource Sector within the British Columbia Provincial Government. The focus is on spatial and attribute data and associated applications that allow display and interaction with the data.