BC Government Agencies

In this section you will find a listing of data resources from British Columbia Government Agencies.

BC First Nation Reserves and Statement of Intent Boundaries

At the Treaty Negotiations ftp site, you can download pdfs of Band Locations, as well as Statement of Intent boundaries. There is also a link to both spatial datasets in .e00 format.

Go directly to treaty negotions ftp site. This folder contains:

Integrated Cadastral Information Society

The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) is a partnership of British Columbia's major utilities, provincial government ministries and crown corporations and local governments.

Land and Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW)

The Land and Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW) is the corporate repository for integrated land, resource and geographic data that supports a variety of business requirements for the natural resource sector, other government agencies, industry and the public in BC.

Habitat and Enhancement Branch - DFO Pacific Region

A number of Internet mapping applications which may be useful, including: