BC Government Agencies

In this section you will find a listing of data resources from British Columbia Government Agencies.

BC First Nation Reserves and Statement of Intent Boundaries

At the Treaty Negotiations ftp site, you can download pdfs of Band Locations, as well as Statement of Intent boundaries. There is also a link to both spatial datasets in .e00 format.

Go directly to treaty negotions ftp site. This folder contains:

Integrated Cadastral Information Society

The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) is a partnership of British Columbia's major utilities, provincial government ministries and crown corporations and local governments.

Land and Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW)

The Land and Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW) is the corporate repository for integrated land, resource and geographic data that supports a variety of business requirements for the natural resource sector, other government agencies, industry and the public in BC.

Ministry of Forests - Integrated Spatial Data Dictionary

The Integrated Spatial Data Dictionary (ISDD) contains information about the Ministry of Forests' standards for spatial data, applicable to data collected in British Columbia, Canada.

The ISDD was built to contain descriptions of the standard spatial features the Ministry of Forests uses during the course of ministry business (e.g. Forest Cover Polygon, Silviculture Opening, Forest Service Road Permit). In addition, it stores technical information used to digitize each feature, such as the type of feature (line, point, polygon), the line weight and colour, etc.

ISDD has definitions for approximately 29 reference files (feature groups), over 1000 feature classes, 2700 feature components and 2300 IGDS specs.

This page gets you access to database lookups from our Integrated Spatial Data Dictionary, which includes INCOSADA-compliant information. Those involved in collecting or using MoF spatial data should read and understood the relevant Conditions for Use. These conditions do not apply to Ministry of Forests staff members.

The ISDD does not contain information about individual instances of data. It only describes the characteristics of how all such data is defined (called 'metadata'). For example, for Forest Cover Polygon, ISDD would store the fact that all FC Polygons are contiguous polygons, of a particular line weight and color, etc. ISDD would not store details about a specific polygon on a specific mapsheet.