BC Government Agencies

In this section you will find a listing of data resources from British Columbia Government Agencies.

Habitat and Enhancement Branch - DFO Pacific Region

A number of Internet mapping applications which may be useful, including:

BC Archives

Maps are a great way of telling stories. But not enough maps utilize the power of text and graphical images to make the stories they tell interesting to the viewer. The B.C. Archives is a great source of digital historic charts, maps and photos.

BC Archives Cartographic Records Pilot Project

The purpose of this pilot project is to assess the feasibility of providing remote access to cartographic records in digital format for research purposes. This site contains a selection of maps dating from 1848, now in digital format and viewable on-line.

Base Mapping & Geomatic Services Branch

Base Mapping & Geomatic Services Branch sells the base map mapping component of the BC Atlas, including: