Data with Canada-wide coverage

In this section you will find links to data with Canada-wide coverage.

GeoBase News: The National Road Network V.2 (NRN ) has arrived!

On behalf of the Canadian Council of Geomatics (CCOG), the GeoBase Steering Committee is pleased to announce the first release of the National Road Network, edition 2.0 (NRN 2.0).

GeoBase News: The National Hydro Network (NHN) has arrived!

Available today, October 1st 2007, a brand new geospatial product makes its entry on the GeoBase Web portal: the National Hydro Network (NHN). The NHN, which describes and models features of the inland surface-water system of Canada, will progressively become available throughout Canada, reaching national coverage as soon as 2008.  As of today, 287 watersheds are available accounting for about 20% of the Canadian landmass. These are located in British Columbia (246 watersheds), Manitoba (28), Newfoundland (5), Saskatchewan (2) and in the Yukon (6). The NHN is a topographic data product, designed primarily to allow hydrographic network analysis. It is intended for water flow analysis, water and watershed management, environmental and hydrographical applications as well as for a multitude of cartographic applications.

The NHN is now here. It is yours to discover!

Canadian Topographic Data - 1:50,000 and 1:250,000

OTTAWA - Experts and other users of digital topographic data will no longer have to pay to use digital versions of government maps and data.

Geographical Names of Canada

Toponyms, or geographical names, are used by us all every day - to describe our surroundings and to tell others where we have been or where we plan to go. When we use maps we expect the names to help us identify features of the landscape, and perhaps even to throw light on the local history of an area.