Other data sources

Other data sources include interesting resources that fall outside the other categories.

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GISuser's Data Directory & GeoBlog

GISuser.com provides a list of free GIS data sources at:


Glenn, the author of GISuser.com, has also started a Free GIS Data GeoBlog, with posts that describe sources of free GIS data. The data is currently comprised of American and Canadian datasets.


SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Data - FREE Data!

Processed SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Data (DEM) for the Entire Globe Now Available Online!

Available in GeoTiff and ArcInfo ASCII, this website will let you download DEMs for most of the world. However, data seems unavailable for areas above 60 degrees latitude.

Produced by the Consultative Group for International Agriculture Research - Consortium for Spatial Information (CGIAR-CSI).



WWF's Conservation Science Program is currently developing a new and innovative global hydrological database, termed HydroSHEDS.

Potential Data Sources for Conservation Mapping

 A Land Based Data Matrix