Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Information on methods pretaining to Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Google Code Search for ArcGIS

Google Labs has recently announced the unveiling of its' newest creation - Google Code Search. Code Search indexes publicly available code - which is then available to you via their search engine. This should be very helpful for all you custom programmers out there.

The GIS Primer

by David J. Buckley, Principal GIS Consultant, Innovative GIS Solutions, Inc.

Arc Scripts (ESRI)

ArcScripts ( is an online venue for sharing scripts designed to work with ESRI software. Note that many other online sources also exist for sharing GIS scripts (ESRI and otherwise).

ESRI Online GIS mapping tutorial

ESRI offers some free GIS training options: courses with free modules, courses, workshops, podcasts, and training seminars.

See the ESRI Virtual Campus or the ESRI Training Gateway for more information.