Websites & Mailing Lists

A list of websites and email-based mailing lists related to Aboriginal Mapping. Please contact us if you know of a website or listserve that should be included on this list.

Northwest Tribal GIS discussion!forum/nwtribalgis 

An email list for discussion of GIS topics specific to tribal organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

We announce 4 (typically) meetings per year hosted at various locations around Northwest Washington.

GSDI Newsletter Archives 2002-2008 (Africa, Latin America and the Carribean, Asia and Pacific)

Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI)

Here is an archive of monthly SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) Newsletters from 2002 until present.

SDI-Africa | SDI-Latin America & Caribbean |SDI-Asia & Pacific | FGDC | GSDI |EUROGI

Newsletters are prepared by an editor and issued on a quasi-regular basis. To receive notices of new issues of newsletters, subscribe to the GSDI News List. Submit items to newsletters by contacting the editors.

To access the past newsletters, please visit:


GIT BARENTS- Geographic Information Technology within the Barents Region

GIT Barents Project

Conservation GIS

"This site is sponsored by The Conservation Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to land and water conservation.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a powerful tool that help visualize and analyze the natural, physical, and cultural landscape. GIS helps decision makers compare planning alternatives, identify conservation priorities, and support resource management.

This website provides a brief introduction to conservation GIS and examples of how The Conservation Fund and its partners utilize GIS for strategic conservation planning and other applications."