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CARIS has developed a suite of GIS products that runs under both Microsoft Windows and Unix. Typical users include mining and geological organizations, hydrographic offices, port management authorities, topographic mapping and cadastral (property mapping) agencies, forest companies, etc.

ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute)

Homepage of the makers of ArcView and ArcInfo. Contains conference information, on-line upgrades, support, information about new products, demos and much, much more.

Main ESRI site:

ESRI Canada:



Reference centre for the raster-based IDRISI and IDRISI for Windows GIS software packages. The Web site contains information on software, ordering, and applications, as well as a bibliography and on-line support.

Intergraph (GeoMedia Viewer - FREE GIS!)

Intergraph make GIS systems for Windows, including GeoMedia, GeoMedia Web Map (for internet presentation of data) and GeoMedia Viewer.

See their product website:

Intergraph has offered their GeoMedia Viewer as a free GIS viewing tool. This software will allow you to:

  • View GeoTIFF raster files and perform attribute queries
  • Spatially filter your query, saving valuable time in your search
  • Visualize your data by creating thematic maps,complete with a legend that allows you to easily change any symbology parameters, such as colours and patterns
  • Easily manipulate your map with zoom-in, zoom-out capability
  • and Display data in native formats when you connect to GIS data warehouses.

See the GeoMedia Viewer: