Aboriginal Organizations

Links to organizations of Aboriginal peoples. These links will take you to groups that have been initiated from within an aboriginal community.

Inuit Tapirisat of Canada

Since its establishment in 1971, ITC as the national voice for the Inuit of Canada has broadened its aims and objectives in response to the changing social, economic and political challenges facing Inuit. It has done so in a manner that reflects the emerging relationship between Inuit and the rest of Canada and between ITC and the four Inuit regional organizations.


Métis National Council

The Métis National Council is the national representative of the Métis Nation in Canada. The Métis National Council was established in 1983, following recognition of the Métis as a distinct people with Aboriginal rights in the Constitution Act, 1982.

Nisga'a Nation

Nisga’a history, details of their treaty, economic opportunities in the region, relevant news and more make up this impressive website.


Nunavut Planning Commission

The NPC is one of the new organizations resulting from the 1993 Nunavut land claim settlement. The NPC will work with government to establish broad planning policies, objectives and goals for the Nunavut Settlement Area and it will develop land use plans that guide resource use and development in the region. Inuit organizations and the governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories nominate members of the NPC. They are accountable to the people of Nunavut for their actions.

This site contains several databases relating to the Nunavut environment. Two interactive GIS maps are i