Aboriginal Resources

Links to support for Aboriginal people and organizations. These websites are generally initated by peoples outside a particular community but focus on supporting aboriginal people.

First Nation Information Project

This site, managed by www.johnco.com, is a guide to First Nation organisations, governments, businesses and links across Canada.


Bill's Aboriginal Links/The Big List

This site houses a very comprehensive list of Canadian and American aboriginal links.


Native American Indian Resources

A ‘metasite’ containing a collection of over 300 links to Native-related sites. Broad categories include: Native maps, stories, environmental concerns, education, art, books, herbal medicines, etc. Contains links to First Nations groups throughout the US and Canada


Center for World Indigenous Studies: Advancing Cooperation and Consent Between Nations

The Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) is an independent,non-profit research and education organization dedicated to widerunderstanding and appreciation of the ideas and knowledge of indigenouspeoples and the social, economic and political realities of indigenousnations.

The Center fosters better understanding between peoples through thepublication and distribution of literature written and voiced byleading contributors from Fourth World Nations. Chief George Manuel(1929-1989) of the Shuswap Nation was a co-founder of the CWIS.