Aboriginal Resources

Links to support for Aboriginal people and organizations. These websites are generally initated by peoples outside a particular community but focus on supporting aboriginal people.

Canadian Aboriginal Science and Technology Society

The Canadian Aboriginal Science and Technology Society is a non-profit organization which seeks to significantly increase the number of Canadian Aboriginal engineers and scientists within Canada and to develop technologically informed leaders within the Aboriginal communities.

CASTS acts as a catalyst for the advancement of Canadian Aboriginal Peoples as they seek to become self-reliant and self-determined members of society.


Conservation/Geography - The ESRI Conservation Program: Tribal and Indigenous GIS

This site provides annotated lists of Native American, Indigenous and First Nations groups involved in Conservation GIS, Tribal GIS papers and the Native Geography Magazine online, which includes many articles about First Nations GIS.


Arbex Forest Resource Consultants

Since its establishment in 1971, Arbex has been active in a broad spectrum of natural resource and geographic information systems (GIS) consulting services and forest management operations. Activities range from resource management planning, and forest audits to land use mapping and GIS applications development.

Services to First Nations include land use and occupancy mapping, time depth mapping, GIS training and applications development, Loss of Use studies, Integrated Resource Management Planning, wildlife habitat evaluation, and business support and planning services. For more information on the experience and range of capabilities of Arbex please visit their web site http://www.arbex.ca/.

DrakeGIS & Mapping Ltd.

DrakeGIS is a 100% Aboriginal owned and operated mapping and GIS company, located in Kelowna, British Columbia. They specialize in Geographic Information Systems and Digital Mapping related to resource management and forestry. Mapping is completed using Microstation SE, and their GIS work is performed with ARCView 3.2 and Arc/Info 8.1. Their digital terrain models are produced using World Construction Set for photorealistic models. DrakeGIS is certified by the Resources Inventory Branch to create and update inventory maps within the Province of B.C.

You can contact Rob Drake at:
DrakeGIS & Mapping Ltd.
1936 Bayview Court
Kelowna, BC, V1Z 3L8
Phone: (250) 769-0504
Fax: (250) 769-4316 or
e-mail: mail@drakegis.com.