Government Contacts

Links to Government Contacts

Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation, Province of British Columbia

The Ministry’s website contains a discussion of the treaty process, information on all First Nations groups in BC, a number of on-line publications, answers to frequently asked questions regarding Native issues, and press releases.

Natural Resources Canada

This site contains a number of on-line databases, including the National Forestry Database, the Canadian Forestry Researchers Directory, GEOSCAN database (geology), etc. This site also contains a comprehensive list of NRCan publications in forestry, mining, earth sciences and energy.

US Geological Survey Activities Related to American Indians and Alaska Natives

This site highlights work done by the USGS with the American Indians and Alaska natives. The work focuses on the preservation of resources, restoration of various ecosystems, education, and technical assistance for mapping programs.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

GIS data for wetlands and endangered species online; endangered species listings and descriptions.